Our Webinar Series provides a fantastic toolkit for schools, parents and professionals to enhance their understanding about how children are exploited, how this impacts their families and how to provide effective support and the most effective safeguarding strategies to adopt.

Watch a preview

Here listen to Lindsay Dalton talking about the grooming process in the “Introduction to Child Exploitation”

Introduction to child exploitation

This 38 minute long filmed presentation uses case studies and evidence to explore the key themes around child exploitation, how offenders groom children, what signs to be aware of and the importance of non-judgemental, compassionate support for affected families

Impact of child exploitation

This 41 minute filmed presentation examines in detail how the behaviours of offenders impact the victim and their families and highlights why a trauma-informed, family-centered approach to child exploitation is critical to effective safeguarding.

Disruption of child exploitation

This 26 minute filmed presentation explores in detail what information the police need to convict offenders, what strategies can be used to disrupt child exploitation and how to improve existing safeguarding measures.

Human trafficking and modern day slavery

This 36 minute filmed presentation includes statistics, legislation and case studies, to explores how and why people can be exploited into modern day slavery including an in-depth look at the grooming process.

How do I access the webinars?

Each webinar costs £10. Please email training@ivisontrust.org.uk for information about accessing these webinars. Bulk discounts are available.