Advanced Child Exploitation Training (ACE)

Improve your knowledge about county lines / child criminal exploitation, trafficking and modern day slavery. Our two-day course is delivered by experts with a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in their fields. Equip yourself with new approaches to improve how to safeguard children at risk and holistically support their affected families.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the different forms of child exploitation
  • Explore the different methods of grooming, the impact this can have on children’s lives and the potential signs to be aware of
  • Enhance your knowledge of key legislation, policy, national approaches and good practice
  • Understand how trauma can impact memory, emotions and behaviour and how to adapt your support to meet the needs of families who have experienced trauma
  • Learn how contextual safeguarding can increase the scope and success of disruption tactics available to professionals
  • Understand the impact of child exploitation on families, and how to work along families to increase your capacity to safeguard children

Very informative. Particularly when guest speakers have a “lived” experience which makes the guidance given have a huge impact. Trainee 2023

Course description

Child sexual exploitation, trafficking and modern day slavery

Explore current legislation and approaches to tackling child exploitation. Introduction to the benefit of trauma-informed practice, contextual safeguarding and the negative impact of victim blaming. Explore how various disruption tactics can be used to safeguard children at risk and listen to lived experiences of parents affected by child sexual exploitation.

Criminalisation (including County lines)

Understand how children are being criminally exploited, the methods offenders use to groom, the characteristics of county lines operations, how to identify signs of child criminalisation and safeguarding guidance.

Who is this course for?

All practitioners with experience of working with people affected by child exploitation or who are looking to move into this area from a single specialism. This includes but is not limited to:

• Staff working within or alongside child exploitation multi-agency hubs
• Social workers
• Family intervention officer, family support worker, troubled family worker
• Independent and voluntary sector CSE workers
• Missing from home specialist
• Police community support officer (PSCOs) and police constables (PCs) with a CSE specialism
• Care home workers
• Foster carers


For individual bookings: £150 per delegate

Discount available for multiple bookings. You can also commission us to run the course in your workplace if you have a large number of staff wishing to attend. Please get in touch to find out more.


Day 1, 9.30 – 2.30pm; Day 2, 9.30 – 2.30pm

Course Delivery

Our ACE course will be accessed by learners online, streamed live via Teams, with the ability to watch and interact with our live trainers and other course participants. It will be a blended style of learning, with the same content and structure as our traditional face to face course. Our guest speakers will also be on hand in each module for live Q and As. We are dedicated to ensuring the experience for our learners continues to be of the highest standard.

Upcoming Training

27th & 28th June 2024 Book your place

About the speakers

Tony Saggers

Tony has over 30 years experience in law enforcement, his most recent role was Head of Drugs, Threat and Intelligence for the National Crime Agency. He now advises a range of organisations about county lines, gangs and drug threats. He brings with him a wealth of experience about how county lines are operated and how children are groomed and criminally exploited.

Affected parent

A parent whose child was exploited will talk to you about the impact this had on his families life.