Our child exploitation training for professionals is informed by over 25 years’ of working one-to-one with parents of exploited children. It covers sexual exploitation, child criminalisation (county lines) and modern slavery.

Our child exploitation training for professionals is informed by over 25 years’ of working one-to-one with parents of exploited children. This training programme covers sexual exploitation, child criminalisation (county lines) and modern slavery.

Parent and carer webinars

We regularly host live evening webinars for parents and carers where we will share what criminal exploitation is, with a focus on county lines. We will explore how to spot signs that it may be happening. We cover trends in your local area and where to get advice and support if you are concerned. If there isn’t an upcoming webinar in your local area, all parents and carers are really welcome to join a webinar in a different region. Find out more and book your place

Online learning

Learn from the comfort of your desk with our popular free cse e-learning course. Find out more about Online learning

1 day courses

Contextual safeguarding

Learn the theory behind Contextual Safeguarding and how to put it into practice with our Relational Safeguarding Model.  Find out more

Advanced contextual safeguarding

Learn from real life experience and academic theory, giving participants the opportunity to apply contextual safeguarding to a real case study and hone their assessment planning skills. Find out more about Advanced contextual safeguarding

2 day course

Advanced child exploitation training

Gain an in-depth understanding about child sexual exploitation and county lines / criminal exploitation, understand the impact of trauma, key legislation, contextual and relational safeguarding and how child exploitation impacts victims and their families. Find out more about Advanced child exploitation training

8 day course

Level 4 accredited qualification in CSE (ACSEP)

Gain an extensive understanding about child sexual exploitation, the impact of trauma, how to work effectively with victims and their families, disruption tactics, legislation, how to use contextual and relational safeguarding approaches, how to support families through the court process, how to work effectively in multi-agency teams and online exploitation. Find out more about Level 4 accredited qualification in CSE

Our Training Team

Dr Sarah Hall – Senior Trainer and Research Co-ordinator.

Sarah is a professionally qualified youth and community worker. She has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20yrs, mainly in the field of child exploitation.  She has two Masters; The Ethics of Social Welfare and, Social Research Methods and Evaluation (Social Work) and a PhD. Her doctorate explored social workers’ understandings of CSE and sexually exploited girls. She was awarded the Association of Child Protection Professionals Research and Practice award in 2019. Her paper, “She doesn’t have to get in the car: exploring social workers’ understandings of sexually exploited girls as agents and choice-makers, was published in Children’s Geographies in 2019.

Sarah has worked as a trainer and evaluator within a multi-agency child exploitation team in South Yorkshire and currently works at Ivison Trust as a trainer and research consultant. She has also worked as a trainer for the Contextual Safeguarding Network and as an evaluator on a number of independent evaluations relating to CSE and the abuse of women and girls.

Her main areas of interest are Contextual Safeguarding; supporting parents affected by child exploitation and professionals’ understandings of the agency of exploited young people.

Stuart Piper Cert Ed.MA – Strategic Partnership and Training Officer

Stuart is an experienced specialist safeguarding adviser, chair, investigator, and trainer with extensive experience in law enforcement, the public sector and partnership working. Most recently, he was the Safeguarding Adviser to the Mayor of West Yorkshire and Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime and the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire over an 8 year period. In those roles, Stuart provided expert advice focusing on child sexual abuse and exploitation, modern slavery, human trafficking, missing people and counter terrorism.

Prior to this, he served for over 30 years with the West Yorkshire Police and the National Crime Squad. He has a broad range of experience, mainly in detective roles where he worked at local, regional, national and international levels investigating serious and organised crime. Stuart was head of the Police Safeguarding Unit in Leeds where he the drove the development of the police response to child sexual exploitation (CSE) and adults at risk.

Holding a Certificate of Education, he has delivered national detective training courses and provided multi-agency safeguarding investigation training for local authorities and universities. He gained an MA in Criminal Justice and Criminology where he conducted research on the criminalisation of CSE victims in his dissertation.

Stuart is committed to a holistic approach to safeguarding where the person is placed at the centre and that responsibility for abuse and exploitation remains with the perpetrator.