Meet some of our volunteers


“Volunteering for the Ivison Trust Helpline has been a privilege. We get the opportunity to listen to and support families going through some of the hardest times of their lives. Parents show courage with vulnerability, trusting us with very distressing and personal experiences, sometimes just needing us to listen and other times looking for advice and support .For me personally, it’s an honour to be that person a parent feels comfortable to talk to and very much hope this can eventually be a National support line accessible to all families facing exploitation” Tracy



“Volunteering for Ivison Trust is something that I find so rewarding. I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of an organisation that truly puts children, young people and their carers at the heart of what they do. I only wish that I had had access to such a supportive service when I was living through circumstances not dissimilar to so many of the families that the Ivison Trust continually strive to empower.” Tanya 





“Volunteering with Ivison Trust is an amazing experience. Being able to be a listening ear to parents of exploited children has been a huge eye opener and has given me a greater respect of the strength and resilience of parents who are refusing to give up on their children even when their own lives have been tipped upside down in a way that many of us can’t even imagine. Many calls can start with a very upset, panicking parent and end with them thanking us for just being there, this means so much. It’s a lovely feeling that my little bit can make such a difference.” Diane



“I know how invaluable these services are having used them in the past. I’m glad to be able to give something back and proud to be a part of the Ivison Trust charity/family.” Donna