Independent Children’s Social Care Review – Have your say

Initial findings from the independent children’s social care review have been published. The next stage of the review will continue to hear the experiences of children, young people and adults involved in the Children’s Social Care System. These can either be submitted through the feedback form, or by signing up to participate in virtual focus groups, interviews and workshops.

“Our engagement is moving to a new phase following publication of the Case for Change. We want to co-create solutions and have a discussion about the issues raised in the document.”

If you are interested in getting involved, please read the Case for Change and then submit your response in the feedback form below.

The Case for Change

The Case for Change is a 100 page document which sets out findings from interviews, focus groups and conversations from people with lived experience; submissions from academics and various design / evidence groups.

Have a look at the website for further information about the review.

This next stage is about ensuring their interpretation of the evidence is correct and the right questions have been asked.


You don’t have to comment in every aspect of the report, you can select the areas you are interested, here is a list of the different chapters set out in the report:

  • The Context
  • We’re not doing enough to help families
  • We need a child protection system that keeps children safe through more effective support and decisive action
  • Care must build rather than break relationships
  • System factors

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