Parent participation update

Here are some of the ways you can be involved with parent participation this year:

Upcoming opportunities:

  • Pace parent consultancy and campaign group
    We are creating a plan of action to address the greatest barrier experienced by parents affected by child exploitation. It’s a big and exciting project with big and small activities- so if you want to be involved as little or as much as you can, get in touch.
  • Parent open group meetings
    These will be happening throughout 2021. This is a chance for parents to meet together, exchange ideas, give feedback to Pace and to feel the power that you can all bring!
  • Parent newsletter
    We are going to be focusing on online abuse in the next edition but if you have found a survival tip or anything that worked for you, please get in touch.
  • Training
    We always strive to have parent representation in training and there are loads of ways to be involved either via zoom and through the creation of a video or audio resource. We are also providing training for parents throughout the year.

Other news

New research
Pace are collaborating in a pioneering research project with the University of Portsmouth and the Ann Craft Trust focusing on the support offered to families when a child with disabilities/SEND is sexually exploited. Thank you to the 20 parents who gave their time to share their experiences as part of this much needed research. We will keep you posted once the research is published. We hope this research will bring much needed changes to policy and practice and there are ambitious plans to disseminate the findings (via the Children’s Commissioner, OFSTED etc.) We hope some parents will be part of these dissemination plans.

The Parent Online Forum
Pace has operated an online forum for the past 6 years and it has provided vital peer support in a safe place, to many parents affected by CSE. We are moving to a more accessible platform and we shall be launching the new-look forum in the New Year…watch this space!

The Parent Network Residential
This chance for parents affected by CSE to have a supportive few days with other affected parents) have been on hold due to the pandemic, but we are hoping to have them up and running in 2021.

A big shout out (of delighted whoops and imaginary golden stars and garlands) to the parents who have worked in partnership with Pace over the last 6 months by:

  • Consulting on policies relating to parent participation (all 7 of you) such as the Ethical Protocol and Terms of Reference. Being part of, and newly joining, our trustee board and being the chair of the parent open group meetings, it is so vital parents voices are central to our governance and leadershipHelping professionals to understand CSE and CCE and how to work alongside families by supporting Pace training. (4 parents created audio resources, 2 parents spoke via zoom at training events.)

“Great to listen to a real life example. Very powerful, honest and emotive. This has given me food for thought around how I communicate with my families. It highlights even more so the need for contextual safeguarding and how crucial partnership working is.”

Feedback from a professional about a parent speaker in Pace training.

“I didn’t think my candid account would have this effect on the (training) delegates. I’m very happy and also inspired that this happened. At the start of this, I didn’t think I’d be having a positive impact years later. Thank you for supporting me to get through this and give back.”

Parent supporting Pace training

  • Consulting with researchers and external agencies. 3 parents consulted with the University of Bedfordshire in designing research questions as well as in engaging parents whose children or families were relocated due to child exploitation. 14 parents consulted with the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse regarding guidance to professionals. 20 parents supported the research by the University of Portsmouth into the support offered to families when a child with disabilities/SEND is sexually exploited.
  • Generating discussions and ideas in the parent open group meetings- big thanks to the 22 parents whose input has guided Pace to provide training for parents and the creation of the parent consultancy and campaign group.
  • Joining parent participation- a big welcome to 12 new parents!
  • Providing survival tips / what worked for you in the Newsletter articles.