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General enquiries

For the main office, call Ivison Trust on 0113 240 3040

For parents and carers

Do you know or suspect that your child is being sexually or criminally exploited by someone outside the family?

Ivison Trust takes referrals directly from parents. If you are worried about child sexual or criminal exploitation happening to your son or daughter, please complete this form. Someone from our parent support team will be in touch to discuss the help and information Ivison Trust could offer.

What if a child is being sexually abused by, or is at risk from, someone known to the family?

If sexual abuse is happening within the home, or by someone known to the family, Ivison Trust might not be the right organisation to help. You can contact a number of other organisations who will be able to offer the right advice and support. If you suspect a child is at immediate risk, please call the police or local social services.


To find information about co-located parent support workers, training, events, resources, partnerships or for media enquiries, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

Media enquiries

For information about Ivison Trust and expert responses to news or statistics on child sexual and criminal exploitation please get in touch.

Call our Head of Marketing and Communications on 0113 240 3040.