The below publications include resources for both parents and professionals. Please note any publications produced before 2024 will reference our former name, Pace.




  • Including Families in Multi-Agency Working on Child Sexual Exploitation: CROP’s involvement with ENGAGE, Blackburn, UK, 2009-11. Emma Kelly1, Peter Jenkins1, 1Salford University, Salford, UK, 2 (Manchester University: 2011)
  • CROP & Blackburn ENGAGE! Tackling child sexual exploitation together 2009-2011 by Haddon Willmer (CROP: 2011) ISBN 978-0-95466486-4-0
  • The true cost to families of child sexual exploitation by Aravinda Kosaraju, (CROP: 2009)
  • A Guide to Parent Support Work: A worker’s guide to supporting parents affected by the sexual exploitation of their children (CROP: 2008) ISBN 0 9546484 3 3
  • Stop! She’s my daughter. As told to Christine Miles. (CROP and Blackburn ENGAGE!: 2007) ISBN 978-0-9546486-4-0
  • The Lost Teenage Leeds by H. Willmer (Crop: 2005)
  • Advice to parents who are concerned that their child is in an exploitative relationship (CROP: 2004) ISBN 0-9546486-1-7
  • Irene Ivison: Mother, Woman and Campaigner. A Tribute by Adele L. Weir (CROP:2001)
  • Fiona’s Story by Irene Ivison (Virago: 1997)

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