I realised I wasn’t alone

Pace - parent stories

I dealt for years with the fear and daily upsetting emotions of my daughter, who was groomed by a gang, until she was an adult. I felt so alone from my own family and friends. They had no idea about what was and continues to happen to her as I tried to shield them from it, to protect them.

Matters got worse, I was at the stage of feeling the only way this would all stop, was for me to disappear from life. Thankfully I was put in contact with a lovely lady from Ivison Trust, who I spoke to each week on the phone. She understood what I was saying, although not able to change the nightmare I was in, because my daughter was now an adult, she made sense of it. She would listen and help me with a positive way to get through the days ahead.

I then attended a workshop in Leeds and realised I was not alone. Unfortunately more parents were going through the same situations. We spoke, after all the initial nerves were out the way, openly and with full emotions on show. It felt like we understood each other without speaking at times and I found a bond that weekend that will remain.

I know if I went to any of the parents, they would be there for me, without any judgement and know exactly how I feel.

With Ivison Trust you know when you need them, they are there to help as much as possible, listen and get you through very tough times because they care about parents and understand us.