Campaigns and appeals

Campaigning is at the heart of our work, and is the reason Ivison Trust was formed as a charity over 25 years ago, when Irene Ivison fought for her daughter to be recognised as a victim of child sexual exploitation and justice for her murder.

With over 25 years of experience providing support to parents affected by child exploitation, we have developed a successful safeguarding model and are uniquely placed to share our expertise and best practice.


Alongside other charities in September 2023, Ivison Trust signed an open letter to the Secretary of State calling for the Victims and Prisoners Bill to ensure child victims of exploitation receive specialist support that is so desperately needed.

Ivison Trust is calling for a national strategy to better protect children affected by criminal exploitation which treats them as victims and ensures a safeguarding approach instead of the criminalising path. CEO Lindsay Dalton appeared on BBC Politics alongside two affected parents to highlight how the current response is failing children and their families.


Launched at Westminster, our most recent research highlighted the experience affected parents have of children’s social care services and critical, institutional changes needed to change outcomes for exploited children.

Lived experience

We work closely with affected parents to campaign for positive changes in practice and to influence policy development. In 2021 we co-created an animation called Towards Hope with affected parents to challenge the societal stigma associated with child exploitation and encourage communities to come together in support. We also facilitate parent consultations with local safeguarding partners to improve safeguarding measures, coordinate and collaborate in cutting edge research and share lived experience with front-line professionals to influence change and encourage a relational, family-centric approach to safeguarding.

Radio 4 appeal

In August 2023, broadcasting journalist and survivor Charlie Webster presented a Radio 4 appeal on behalf of Ivison Trust (then known as Pace). Listen to the appeal.

Action for Trustee Racial Diversity

We passionate about racial diversity and are proud champions of the Action for Trustee Racial Diversity (ATRD). ATRD aims to provide charities with resources, networks and specialist advice to enable them to take practical steps to increase the racial diversity of their Trustee Boards.