A star jumps down to Earth

Congratulations to our very brave supporter Ami-Lou who completed a sky dive from 15,000 feet in August to fundraise for Pace.

“As soon as my feet touched the ground I wanted to do it all over again”

Ami-Lou worked as an Actor with a theater company performing productions to raise awareness about CSE to young people in schools. The time that she spent talking to the students and her personal experiences inspired Ami-Lou to do her own fundraising campaign for Pace. Through fundraising, Ami-Lou wanted to improve the support young people receive who affected by CSE.

“It was the first time I had ever been on a plane and everything on the ground looked like Lego bricks

It is testament to Ami-Lou’s strength of character that she jumped out of the first plane she ever boarded! Ami-Lou has recently started a Drama School in London and we wish her every success.

We couldn’t have asked for a better advocate to support Pace and help us campaign for change. There is still time to support Ami-Lou on her Justgiving Page.

Have a look at our fundraising guide to see how you can get involved with Pace.