3 Peaks for Pace

Lou McCallion, Digital Communications Officer at Pace shares why she raised money for Pace this summer.

My induction at Pace proved to be a steep and very sad learning curve.

I thought that Pace would have a magic wand, that when parents contacted our helpline, they would be able to put an instant stop to children being sexually abused and exploited; that the child could be kept in their homes and the exploiters arrested. The reality is that the manipulative power of the exploiters is so pervasive that the abusive hold they have over their victims is often impenetrable.

Parents want to keep their child safe more than anyone, but they need support. Pace doesn’t have a magic wand – but does give parents the tools through advocacy, support and advice, so that they can do everything within their power to safeguard their child.

Inspired by the incredible support workers and families we work with, I got out my walking boots this summer and did the Yorkshire 3 Peaks walk to help raise money for Pace. Fundraising for Pace was a great way of having a conversation with friends and family about child sexual exploitation: how it can happen, what families go through and the much needed work that Pace do.

You can support Pace in so many ways:  nominate Pace to be your charity of the year at your workplace; forfeit birthday presents and ask friends to donate to Pace instead; offer your time as a Volunteer Befriender or offer your professional expertise by mentoring someone in our office.

If you are interested in supporting Pace, we would love to hear from you.

Find out more about fundraising or volunteering for Pace.